Noulet, Paul - Bolinard 2017



Fascinated by the classical Cremonese instruments of the old masters Stradivari, Guarneri and Amati, Paul Noulet takes every chance to observe their workmanship closely. His time studying these instruments at international exhibitions and while visiting with well known soloists inspires Mr. Noulet in his work as he creates instruments using original working techniques in the authentic environment of his workshop in the Limousin region of France.

Paul Noulet perfected these ancient techniques as he patiently pursued his training with masters throughout the world. Through the course of his international travels and training Mr. Noulet acquired a detailed knowledge of a broad range of approaches, from which he developed a finely honed stile representing his search for harmony and perfection. 

Graduation in 1998 at the Chicago School of Violin Making,
Under the direction of Tschu-Ho Lee, master violin-maker in Chicago (USA).

2 Silver medals for sound at the VSA competitions for a violoncello (2006) and for a viola (2008).

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