Gilles, Nicolas - Montpelier 2013

gilles cello top 2013.jpg
gilles cello back 2013.jpg
gilles cello scroll 2013.jpg
gilles cello fhole 2013.jpg
gilles cello back 2013.jpg


The workshop of Nicolas Gilles is located in the historic town centre of Montpellier, France.  His greatest inspiration comes from the Italian violin makers of the 19th centruy (from Cremona Venezia and Breccia) who perfected the sound and aesthetic beauty of the violin family.  He draws his models based on the geometric and harmonic proportions used by the ancient makers. Throughout the porcess of making, his intuition, experience, and exchange with musicians influence both his aesthetics and sound direction.  Nicolas is the recipient of numerous awards from the Violin Society of America Makers Competition includeing two Gold Medals.  His instruments are performed on throughout the United States and Europe by great concert artists and teachers alike.

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