Lloyd, Nick - Cincinnati, OH 2014

loyd top 2014.jpg
loyd back 2014.jpg
loyd scroll 2014.jpg
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Nick Lloyd – Cincinnati, OH 2014

Body length:      1102mm
Upper bout:       495mm
Center bout:      358mm
Lower bout:       652mm

Born in central Iowa, Nick Lloyd first met the double-bass when he was only eight years old. In 1993, Nick moved to Boston, MA, where he studied the bass at the Longy School of Music. As his interest in the bass evolved, Nick became increasingly curious about its inner workings and construction. In 1995, he set out to realize his dream, beginning studies with Boston luthier and bassist John Styklunas. Nick’s other mentors include Michael Shank, Paul Hart, and Daniel Hachez, each of whom has helped him acquire the skills necessary to make professional-quality basses. Nick’s basses have received many awards for both tone and workmanship, and in 2007 he was distinguished as “Friend of the Bass” by the International Society of Bassists for his organization of the Katrina Basses project. PHOTO: Exclusively using aged walnut for the back and ribs, Nick’s basses are designed with ergonomics and playability as top priorities, which this model exemplifies. Tonally, it is powerful, notably clear, and resonant, with a quick response that projects well. It is ideal for solo, jazz, and orchestral playing and is fitted with a Robertson & Sons custom chromatic low C-extension.

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