Rabut, Guy - New York 2014



Guy Rabut has dedicated his career for over thirty-five years to creating instruments that fulfill the highest expectations of discriminating violinists, violists, and cellist around the world.  Violin making is an enterprise that beautifully synthesizes the realms of music, art, science, and woodworking. Guy Rabut was raised in a musical and artistic family where he began to play the cello at the age of nine. Along with his musical studies he also developed a strong interest in the visual arts through his father, an artist by profession. This seminal association with music and art led him to explore violin making as a career beginning in 1975 at The Violin Making School of America where he studied with the gifted violin maker, Paul Hart.

PHOTO:  The Rugeri model has the special advantage of being slightly smaller which can be the perfect choice for the smaller cellist. As a cellist, Guy has a special attraction to the voice of the cello with its range from a high tenor to the darkest basso.

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