Rogeri, P. G. – Brescia c. 1700

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Pietro Giacomo Rogieri (1665-1724) worked until about 1705 under his more famous father, Giovanni Battista, and thereafter produced violins with close affinities to those made contemporaneously by his colleagues in nearby Cremona. W. E. Hill & Sons noted this violin’s exceptional state of preservation at the end of the 19th century, and it has been very well cared for since then. The maker employed exquisite materials, including a flamed maple back in one piece. 


Certificates: W. E. Hill & Sons, Rudolph Wurlitzer Co., Wm. Moennig & Son


Measurements:  Body length: 352 mm; Upper bout: 165 mm; Middle bout: 113 mm; Lower bout: 204 mm

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