Schnitzer, Arnold - New York 2014 #35 (Gofriller Model)



Arnold Schnitzer – Brewster, NY 2014

Exposed to music at an early age, Arnold Schnitzer began playing double-bass in his mid-teens and was playing professionally by the age of 17. Arnold earned a degree in bass and composition before studying instrument making and repairing. He is a member of the faculty of the Violin Society of America’s Oberlin Bass Workshop. Arnold built his first bass in 1997 and has made 38 basses since then. His basses have won a number of awards, including a Silver Medal for Tone from the Violin Society of America. Arnold’s basses are currently played by members of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, Nashville Symphony, New York City Ballet Orchestra, Denmark National Symphony, and other professional ensembles.
PHOTO: this bass is modeled after an early 18th century bass by Mateo Gofriller of Venice, Italy.

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