Seifert, Haiko - Plauen Germany 2002



In 1986, Haiko Seifert started training as a violin maker in Markneukirchen at the age of 17. Four years later he began a diploma course in musical instrument making at the local University for Applied Sciences. In 1994, he received his diploma and completed the German masters exam. Until 1998, he worked in Eckart Richters workshop in Markneukirchen and Jan Stricks workshop in Brussels, where he concentrated on newmaking and copying classic instruments.
Since 1999, he has shared a workshop with Rudiger Pfau, a bow maker in Plauen/Vogtland. Fascinated by the diversity of this craft, his works emerge as compositions guided both by the majesty of the classic instruments themselves and by his own creative ideas.

2008 he win in Portland / Oregon at the VSA Cometition gold-medal for quarett, gold-medal for Viola and silver-medal for cello.

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